Planned Obsolescence

22 Aug

I need to do it gracefully.. peacefully..

“So,” the ultimate judge would say, “What did you do with the gifts I gave you?”

I’d give a nervous accounting, just like I do whenever mama makes me account for my allowance.

“Ah, here. Let me give them back to you. Here’s the talent almost untouched. You can reuse that. I hardly did. Couldn’t venture out so I didn’t get the experience necessary. I’m sorry I didn’t do much with it.”

“Here’s my mind, you can have it too. It’s kinda small. It never really developed, but… It’s alive anyway.. Just think of it as a bonsai.. Not common.. Expensive. Yes, well, I’m sorry about that too.

“And these stony hard pieces.. I’m sorry I broke it.. But nobody knew.. I mean I kept it secret so no one would learn about it.

“These used to be my heart.. See. I tried to mend it but I just can’t..

“What do you mean it’s supposed to stay fresh? It’s old and hardened..

“You think it could’ve stayed young after all the choices I made?”

Then the killer question comes,

“Were you true to yourself?”

A daydream.




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